Dominik McNeder - Luck Keeps Us Alive (2016)


Full length release recorded with backing band The Gold Corner Basement.


Released in March 2016


1. Needles

2. Heroes

3. To Be Alone

4. First Love

5. Wanderlust

6. Against Me! (And Everyone Else)

7. The Plural of Vinyl is Vinyl

8. The Taste of Wine

9. Coming Back to You

10. This Guitar


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Dominik McNeder - Home Alone EP (2014)


Home recorded solo EP released in April 2014


1. Against Me! (And Everyone Else)

2. Coming Back To You

3. Do You Remember?

4. The Taste of Wine


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Dominik McNeder - Home Alone EP






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Dominik McNeder - Dominik McNeder EP (2013)


First solo EP released in March 2013


1. To Be Alone

2. Wanderlust

3. The Wishing Well

4. Do Not Reply

5. Why?

6. Letter of Application

7. It'll Last


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Dominik McNeder - Dominik McNeder EP


Appeared on:

Waste of Ink - Tage ziehen vorbei wie Wolken (2015)


7. Nichts wird dir geschenkt


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Nichts wird dir geschenkt (w/ Dominik McNeder)

Damn Mondays - Losing Years (2014)


2. Losing Years


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Losing Years (w/ Dominik McNeder)

Bastard Radio - Sirens of Truth (2014)


7. Where is the Road?


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Where is the Road? (w/ Dominik McNeder)